How to make the perfect Eggs Benedict

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Is there anything more delicious than Eggs Bene on a Sunday morning?


Spoil yourself or your partner with breakfast in bed with this super quick and simple recipe!

Plus one individual serving (one muffin) will only cost you around $3.40!*



1. Toast one (1) half piece english muffin

2. Place one (1) ham slice or salmon piece on top of english muffin (if preferable, cook ham or salmon slightly to taste)

3. Poach 1 egg

4. Once poached, place on top of english muffin

5. Heat up hollandaise sauce & place on top of muffin to finish

6. Enjoy!


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* Cost based on one (1) individual serving of Eggs Benedict using 1 half piece English Muffin,1 ham slice,1 poached egg, Hollandaise sauce on top

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